Join us each week at 9:45am for the best hour of the week. Sunday School varies greatly from Babies to Kindergarten.

With our youngest, we provide a comforting, environment that ensures the stability they need to feel secure. When they are warm, dry, cuddled and comforted, we assure them of God's love for them and that Mom or Dad will be back very soon.

For our Crawlers and Toddlers, we provide worlds to explore. As their little fingers and feet are getting a workout, we tell them about the world God made.

For our older preschoolers, Sunday School is exciting! They build with blocks, paint beautiful rainbows, go on imaginary nature hikes up the incredible mountains God created and then we share with them how God used Samuel when he was a little boy, "just like you!"

Bring your child to Sunday School. We'll help the Bible come alive to your preschooler as we explore together.